Doruk Gezici

Doruk Gezici

A curious hacker who is passionate about software, automation and entrepreneurship.

Experienced in product management, web development and architecture, DevOps, IoT and iOS apps. Interested in making everything more efficient, autonomous and smart.

Prefers tech stack choices like Python, FastAPI, Django, Go, Docker, AWS, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Rancher, Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis, NextJS, React, Svelte, Astro, Tailwind, Firebase, Sentry, GitHub Actions, Hotjar, Cloudflare, Google Data Studio, Notion, Slack...

Also loves to play and record some jams and songs which you can check out at


  • Subabot

    Slack bot to track keywords on RSS feeds

  • CryptoPatro

    Personal cryptoasset portfolio tracker and trading assistant bot

  • Yeşil Mavi Hayat

    A book promotion website

  • ITUscheduler

    Istanbul Technical University course crawler & scheduler

  • Gamer Arena

    Competitive Esports Platform

  • Astro DecapCMS OAuth Integration

    Astro integration for the Decap CMS with custom OAuth backend