Doruk Gezici

Entrepreneur & Full-Stack Developer

Co-Founder @Gamer Arena

Doruk Gezici

Computer Engineering student who is very passionate about information technologies, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Experienced in leading a team, creating innovative business models/solutions, Full-Stack Web Development (Python/Django, Linux SysAdmin, HTML/CSS), IoT (AWS, Raspberry Pi, Arduino), Mobile Apps (iOS, Swift) and eSports.

Interested in making everything more efficient, autonomous and smart. Also loves to play some blues rock with his electric guitar.


You can reach my full CV from here


Gamer Arena

May, 2019 - Current • 10 mos

Kolektif House Levent

Fellow / Alumni

Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation

Oct, 2018 - Current • 17 mos

Istanbul, Turkey

As fellows of Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation, we aim to spread entrepreneurial mindset and culture, aiming to create inspiring stories as an influential network.

IoT Solutions Engineer

Empa Technology

Jul, 2018 - Current • 10 mos

Istanbul, Turkey

Building a hybrid IoT Cloud platform as a Full-Stack Developer and a Linux SysAdmin. Using Python/Django, Amazon AWS (EC2, Lambda, IoT Core) extensively.



May, 2018 - May, 2019 • 12 mos

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey's first online competitive eSports tournaments platform, operating within İTÜ Çekirdek Early Stage Incubation Program. Aiming to lead the market in MEA.


Here are some of my work, love open-source!



ITUscheduler is an open-source web application that allows Istanbul Technical University students to browse up-to-date & detailed information about courses and create schedules with ease. It has features like course queries according to days, notifying the user if a course is removed from SIS, exporting the schedule and so on. We also have some features planned like automatic schedule generation, displaying data from previous years, prerequisite checking, etc.



IoT-Ignite's IgniteGreenhouse is an Open Project with a sample service that helps small farms to own a smart system for their green houses; in effect, an IoT green house monitoring system. The solution's gateway side runs on Raspberry Pi 3 hardware to make it affordable. The source code is open and everybody is welcome to use, test, contribute and distribute the solution. Join us in helping to gro



I also make amateur recordings with my acoustic and electric guitars sometimes.

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